For over 35 years I have  functioned in my calling to set the captives free, heal broken lives, and equip others to minister in the trenches and on the front lines.  (Incidentally, the trenches are not a place of recognition or human glory)

Since 2001, I have also pastored the broken, disenfranchised, and marginalized people of God.  [Jesus said that it is not the well who need a physician, rather it is the sick. Luke 5:31]

I now sense that the time has come to really gear up, focus on, and share with others, what I have learned through study, experience and revelation by the Holy Spirit.

Also, I will be utilizing others, in the upcoming months, as instructors. They will be those who have been thoroughly tested and tried upon the battlefield, and found faithful and true to the call.

I sense that it is imperative to soon begin to pass the torch: which is the vision (the cause), the faith, and the tools to the next generation.

But, no matter what one’s age, participation in training, interaction and exchange is open. I hope many will commit to being pro-active in bringing others to freedom.  (Certainly not everyone we encounter is willing to be transformed.)

I am very grateful to those who have helped me along my journey and also for those who have faithfully ministered along side me over the years. We have seen God do amazing things, through weak human vessels.

In May of 2015, God spoke to my heart that the “best is yet to come”.  To me that means there will be more fruitful labor and more warring for the cause of Christ, which brings others to freedom and maturity.

No one has to have a  “super-star” personality. All that is really required is a desperate desire to be who God says you are and a willingness to risk the good life for the great life.

Please feel free to be in touch with me. You can message me or email me: prayerworks4victory@yahoo.com


Gay Bissell