The Battle

> Who or what is LORD of your life?
> Who or what has PREEMINENCE in your thoughts and plans?
……spouse, jobs, children, problems, bills, politics, church, wants, entertainment etc.?
Jesus not only wants to be first, but in reality HE is first, it is just not widely acknowledged. Jesus is The Lord of all, and ruler of all nations!
There is an ongoing and intensifying battle right now. Satan still thinks he can prevent the ascendancy of Jesus to His rightful place.
Although we may know that ultimately Jesus will take His rightful place, the war  rages on. It is imperative that we not be passive, with a que sera, sera mentality.
The battle has to be first fought and won within our own heart and soul. And that is what bootcamp is all about, to provide assistance in winning your personal internal battles and inspiring and equipping you to arise as the warrior – the change agent – that you are meant to be.
Join us at bootcamp for re-focusing and realignment of heart and prayer priorities.
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Insights & Inspiration – #10

According to 2 Corinthians 5:18, 20 as NEW CREATIONS, we have been given an assignment, AMBASSADORSHIP, from the King of Glory and for the Kingdom of God.

“Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and GAVE US the ministry of reconciliation, Therefore, we are AMBASSADORS for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.”

I have noticed over the years that when someone first enters new life in Christ there is a zeal that is unmatched. It is as if you cannot stop them from bubbling over  and sharing the truth and freedom they have encountered.  They don’t even have to be told that they have an assignment.

But, over the years LIFE HAPPENS, and as trials come and go, enthusiasm for the things of God often begins to wane.  Weeds of worries begin choke out the assignment of ambassadorship.

Life can easily become routine,  drudgery, a struggle for survival in the race (the rat race) of earthly life.  If we pray, we mostly pray survival prayers instead of revival prayers.

There is great need for the honor of the ministry that the The King of Kings has given us to be recaptured, so joy  can be rekindled. WE are the carriers of the message and the power of salvation, deliverance and healing.  We have received His ministry.  We have received the favor and approval  of the King. We do not need the affirmation, or validation,  from men to obey the instructions of the King.

Just as Jesus came to preach, proclaim and announce deliverance and favor (Luke 4:18-19) we are to do the same.  Jesus was about His Father’s business.  And we must be also.

We have “truth-treasures” that others have great need of….FREEDOM, VICTORY, FORGIVENESS, RELEASE FROM PAIN, purpose and a future.

Today and everyday ask God for at least one person in whom to plant a seed of truth.



As one who is going forth to “set the captives free” we must have a deep TRUST in the word of God that restoration is part of God’s plan not only people but for the earth itself.

The greek word for restoration is katartizo.  It means to adjust, finish, to put a thing in appropriate condition; to establish, set up and equip.  It also means to bring back to a former condition or position; reinstatement and RESTITUTION.

Restoration truly is God’s plan.  We must desire this for our own life and for everyone we encounter.

In the beginning we were created for wholeness, intimate communion with God, safe relationships with others and to reflect His glory.

He wants us to personally press forward for full restoration and bring and that good news to others.


  • We were created for:
  • Wholeness….not brokenness
  • Intimate communication with God and people….not isolation and loneliness.
  • To reflect God’s Glory…..not be absorbed by darkness.

In Leviticus 6 we learn that God established regulations regarding restoration at the human level.  Verses. 4-6 say that if a person is found guilty of stealing, extortion, or swearing falsely about a matter he must restore full value of what was lost and add 1/5 to it (20% more). That was a basic human regulation regarding restoration.

Now we learn in Job 42:10 That God restored double what Job lost in the extreme trial he lived through. Notice that his personal restoration was tied to his praying for those friends who had accused him, betraying friendship, in his distress.

Let’s get hold of the reality of God’s heart for full restoration!  This is a vital truth and part of the good news….the message we bring to those to whom we minister.



The Hebrew word for salvation is y shuw ah, #3444 in the Strong’s Concordance. It means:

  • AID

In the New Testament there are two words for salvation.  Strong’s #4991 soteria  and #4982  #4982  sozo .  These two words have these English implications:

  • DELIVERANCE FROM DANGER (see Hebrews11:7)


1. Meditate upon all of these varied expressions and provisions of salvation with thanksgiving and praise. (Taking time to do this will help put roots down in your own heart, which gives greater confidence in your personal life and in ministry.)

2. Make a list of situations and circumstances where the different aspects of salvation are needed.

Consider all areas of life:


Get SALVATION (the gift or grace) deeply rooted in your heart, mind, words and life.  Jesus came to SET US FREE.               John 8:32  …Know TRUTH….TRUTH shall set you free.

It is really amazing to see all the benefits of salvation.  We have a great opportunity to deepen our faith and to assist others in believing that the work of salvation, by Jesus on the cross and through the resurrection, makes victory possible in EVERY AREA of life.

We are to believe and enforce victory in our own life. We do not have to come short of complete deliverance.  There is no situation, whether a habit, a need or a problem, that the grace of salvation cannot intervene with deliverance, welfare and prosperity.

The final thought today is this, salvation in our soul and in all other areas of life is a process.  In Philippians 2:12-13 we are told to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, because God is working within us to WILL AND DO His good pleasure.

Do you see it?   1) it is a “work-out” 2) it is a partnership between the individual and God.




My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge  Hosea 4:6

Are you aware that many, many sincere Christians are being destroyed by lack of personal, and practical working knowledge of the scriptures pertaining to freedom and wholeness?  (Years ago I read in the preface of The Bondage Breaker, by Neil Anderson, that the number of Christians struggling with bondage may be as high as 85%) The percentage may even be higher in these days.

Many people are in chains of depression, rejection, addictions, fears of all sorts, and on and on. Many live defeated, miserable and empty lives, because they lack knowledge.


1. Many have had an initial experience with Jesus as Savior, but never have gone on to experience Him as Lord and transformer, through application of the word to all areas of daily life.

2. Many have sat under teaching that never went beyond the initial salvation message.   And others have been encouraged to “try, try, try to be good” (without the power of the Holy Spirit).

Isaiah 42:22 says But this is a people robbed and plundered; All of them are snared in holes, And they are hidden in prison houses; They are for prey, and no one delivers; For plunder, and no one says, “Restore!”  This sounds to me like there is a GREAT need for many believers, ordinary believers, to step up and step out as deliverers.

Willingness to be used as a “deliverer” or “healing minister”, means that although you probably feel inadequate and/or unprepared, you are stepping up to the high calling of being used as the VOICE of the Lord on the earth….calling out to all the captives you encounter…“Be FREE.” “Be HEALED.”  “Be RESTORED.”

What is the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word salvation?

Salvation is a multifaceted word and you need a good understanding of its fullness.  In the bible the the word “salvation” is used 162 times, “save” is used 160 times and “saved” is used 101 times. Now, with access to the internet, or by using an old fashioned Strong’s concordance, you can do an in-depth study of the word from the old and new testaments.

Write down all the varied English words and applications of the words.  Study the scripture references also.  Jot down your insights.  Salvation is an awesome gift and provision of God’s Grace.

See what revelation the Holy Spirit will give you regarding the need for salvation past,  present and future.These revelations and insights should propel you into sharing freedom, healing and restoration with as many people as God brings your way, who are desiring all God offers.